Data Protection Regulation and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

For visiting our website, you do not need to give your personal data. In case require our personal offer or ordering one of our service, visitor’s personal data has to be given by visitor (Client). The operating company (Budapestevent Ltd.) handles the given data discreetely and uses the information only in relation with the ordered service or personal offer, regarding GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Location of data management and storage: Hungary. Web hosting company: Cyber Systems Kft. (1132 Budapest, Victor Hugo u. 18-22., Hungary). For our General Data Protection information please click here: Data Protection Regulation

Cookie Declaration

We use cookies in certain parts of our website for better experience. The cookie declaration below regards the website (in the followings: website)

What are cookies?

Cookies enable the website to detect if you have already visited it. They help us to understand which part of our website is the most popular, since they let us have a view over which parts our visiters enter the most and how much time they spend there. By analysing this, we can adjust the website according to your demands and we can provide you with a better and wider experience, since among many things cookies:

• remember settings, so you would not need to adjust them again, when you visit a new site

• remember the given data, so you do not need to type them in again

• analyse the use of the website, in order to make it work entirely according to your demands as a result of our developments carried out with the help of the acquired data, so you can easily find the information you are looking for

• monitor the effect of our advertising.

Type of cookies

On our website we use two types of cookies: the „session” and the „persistent” ones.

Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies, that are stored in the cookie file till the end of your browsing session. These cookies are indispensable for the proper operation of certain functionalities and apps of the website.

Persistent Cookies: These are the cookies that stay stored on your device even after you have left the website and they also store a randomly generated number that helps us to identify the visitors as individual users. The time while they stay stored on your device depends on the type of the cookie. Cookies used and stored on our website (tracking cookies) give important data about the use and hits.

Tracking and reporting are carried out by our partners listed below:

• Google Analytics (for more information:

• Cookies measuring the success of our campaigns, from our advertising partners and cookies from a third party: Google Adwords (for more information:

We let third trading parties, such as Google, use cookies based on previous visits of our users in order to display advertising on our website.

Cookies from a third party

Sometimes, we display certain contents with the help of foreign online services, which can cause storing some cookies that we do not supervise. As a result, we have no influence on what kind of data is collected by these websites and foreign domains about how you use these embedded contents.

If you are interested in how third parties use their cookies, please, check ’Cookies and Privacy Policy’ of the services.

Blocking and / or removing cookies:

Settings of the browser: You can adjust your web search so that it accepts or blocks cookies or it gives you notification when a cookie arrives to your computer. These adjustments of the browser can be found in the part „Option” or „Settings” menus. All the web searches are different, so for the adequate adjustments, please use the option „Help” or go to the following links in order to modify the settings of your cookies:

•Internet Explorer

•Mozilla Firefox

•Google Chrome

We inform you that in case you block cookies, some elements of our website will not be available and the full functionality will also be limited.